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In recent years the Scarabee Security Group developed a wide range of in-house expertise that led to a unique integrated approach. With innovative security suppliers worldwide our objective is to combine great knowledge and expertise to develop proven Security Solutions. Specialized in various branches within the security industry we support our clients with a track record in high-class security advice and approach.


Fields of Expertise

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The Scarabee Group

The Scarabee Security Group is a member of the Scarabee Group, which was founded in 1988. Consisting of a group of companies with different skills and expertise, the Scarabee Group offers solutions worldwide for passenger and baggage handling within Airports, threat detection in private and public security sectors and automation solutions for the logistics and manufacturing industry. The Scarabee Group is a dedicated and coherent organization of motivated professionals in the field of police force, security, research, engineering and design. Committed to improve customers' performances, reduce operational costs and ensure optimal Solutions.

Members of Scarabee Group


Scarabee Security Group

The Scarabee Security Group provides innovative security solutions by helping clients to identify, investigate and prioritize security risks. Offering a tailored approach that will help clients to fulfill a high performance security. SSG is a major player in the security industry. It enables smart security in close cooperation with renowned innovative security suppliers worldwide. 


BagDrop systems

BagDrop Systems is specialized in the delivery and maintenance of fully-automated baggage drop-off systems. BagDrop self-service check-in systems can be found at airports world-wide. They improve the passenger experience, optimize passenger revenues, reduce operating costs and increase terminal capacity.

 Scarabee Aviation Group

Scarabee systems & technology plays an important role as designer, developer and integrator of innovative Airport Solutions. It distinguishes itself from other providers in the aviation industry by its modern redefinition of airport processes and delivery of comprehensive airport solutions from arrival to boarding that enhance both the passenger experience and airport security.